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Gas Detection & Process Monitoring in Coal Mining Industry
Gas Detection & Process Monitoring in Coal Mining Industry


The Coal Mining Industry utilizes various applications & processes for its complete and smooth functioning.

Some of the major applications & process which require our gas detection or process automation devices are, Blasting Process, Vehicle Exhaust, Coal mine and confined areas, processing platform, plant shut down, Drilling, Hydrogenation Process, Oxygen deficiency / enrichment, Stagnant Water Drilling, Underground Explosions / Fires, Methane extraction from Coal Beds, and so on…

The various applications in this industry require specific gases like oxygen / toxic /combustible /inert or other types of gases, either at the input stages of different processes or given out as by-products at the output stages. These gases can be hazardous to life, human safety or property in terms of their toxicity or explosive nature or environmental pollution creation.

Also, there are many processes which require monitored temperatures & humidity levels, or are affected by varying temperature or humidity conditions within their areas of applications.


Ambetronics Engineers provides Complete Solutions to various industries by offering wide range of products related to Gas detection and Process control instrumentation systems like: portable and online gas detection systems, gas detectors & transmitters, gas analyzers, multichannel gas monitors, gas sensors, leak detection systems, temperature / humidity indicators, transmitters & controllers, data scanners and data loggers, high speed data loggers, single-use or multiuse data loggers, loop powered indicators, time/ flow totalizers, timers, counters, rpm indicators, stroboscopes, tachometers, fire and gas alarm systems, and many more.

Our solutions & products are customized as per the specific requirements within the processes and applications which are carried out at our Client site.