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Range of Clean Room Monitoring Equipment:-

Clean Room Temperature/ Relative Humidity/ Differential Pressure Monitor:-

Newly Launched
Latest Upgraded Technologies.

Clean Room Monitor- CRM-313


The Clean Room Temperature, Relative Humidity, Differential Pressure Monitor – CRM-313 is the latest upgraded, flush mounted monitoring equipment which is used during and after mapping and validation processes for analyzing and continuous monitoring at research labs, cold storage warehouses in industries like Pharma manufacturing & packaging, Animal Housing, Hospitals & Meteorological industries.

Salient features:-

• LED display Indication for Temperature , Humidity and Differential Pressure at a time.
• Remote Temperature and RH sensor Connection facility.
• Independent Programmable alarm for Temperature, Humidity and Differential Pressure.

• In built Buzzer for Alarm set points with acknowledgment facility
• Software calibration facility.
• Password protected programming.
• Isolated RS-485 communication with Modbus RTU Protocol.

Technical Specifications:-

• Sensors : Integrated / Remote Humidity and Temperature Sensor, Built in differential pressure sensor with Brass Hose Nipples (Chrome Plated) for +Ve Pressure connection & -Ve Pressure connection
• Differential Pressure : Upper 4 digit Seven segments 0.4”- RED LED display
• Temperature : Middle 4 digit Seven segments 0.4” – RED LED display
• Humidity : Lower 4 digit Seven segments 0.4” – RED LED display
• Status indication : 3 LEDs for alarms ; Integrated Buzzer for process violation of alarm limits any of the 3 parameters.

• Communication: Isolated RS-485 communication with Modbus RTU Protocol
• Programmable parameter : 9600 bps, Parity, Data bits, Stop bits
• Set point : Programmable as per input selection

• Temperature Range: -30.0 °C to 50.0 °C
• Humidity Range: 0% to 100 % RH
• Display resolution : 0.1 for Temperature and RH
• Differential Pressure :
1. Range: (-100 to 100); Resolution: mmWC, 0.1;
2. Range: (-10 to 10); Resolution: cmWC, 0.1;
3. Range: (-7.5 to 7.5); Resolution: mmHG, 0.1;
4. Range: (-500 to 500); Resolution: Pascal, 1;
5. Range: (-10 to 10); Resolution: Hectopascal, 0.1
• NOTE : Other Differential Pressure Range/Unit, Available on request, contact to factory.
• Accuracy:
Temperature : ± 0.5% of FS
Humidity : ± 2 % of FS
Differential Pressure : ± 1 % of FS

• Programming of parameters : 3 Nos. push button front keys (with password protection)
• Alarm logic : High or Low programmable
• Supply voltage : 24VDC ± 10%
• Power consumption : Less than 1.2 watt at 24VDC


• Clean room application in Pharmaceutical
• Pharma Environments monitoring applications.

• HVAC (Heating, ventilation, Air conditioning, Cooling).
• Animal house clean room


Ambetronics Engineers Pvt Ltd is the manufacturer of these Clean Room Monitoring equipments.  We supply a wide range of items like process control instruments, temperature controller, data logger, leak detection system and fire and gas alarm systems, gas sensors, high speed data logger, portable and online gas detection systems, temperature / RH indicator, transmitter and controller, scanners and data loggers, loop power indicators.

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