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Trace Oxygen Analyzer OGA-3500-PPM:

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Trace Oxygen Analyzer OGA-3500-PPM (Panel Enclosure)

Trace Oxygen Analyzer (Panel Mounting Enclosure) 

Description of Trace Oxygen Analyzer:-

AEPL series ‘OGA-3500-PPM’ Trace Oxygen Analyser is a micro-controller based equipment designed for measuring the concentration of oxygen (ppm) content in a tube through which inert gas(nitrogen or argon) is flowing. It is capable of measuring the low concentration of Oxygen in the range of 0 to 199.9 or 0 to 1999 ppm.

It is based on Electrochemical (Galvanic cell) type measurement method. The flow meter can be used with pressurized sources like gas cylinder or pipeline.

The unit provides suction pump to create sufficient negative pressure. Isolation of Trace sensor can also be achieved. Range selection, Alarms set & Span set facility is provided on front panel. Alarm Output with 0 to 1VDC & 4 to 20mA DC proportional to oxygen concentration is provided at back of Panel. Unit can be wall mounted using brackets.

Salient features of Trace Oxygen Analyzer:-

  • Microcontroller based latest accurate, Reliable & High performance technology that eliminates
    False alarms
  • Advanced warning and Dual level Alarm output
  • Easy one man calibration at site
  • Provides fast and reliable output using Electro chemical sensor technology.
  • User friendly set parameters facility
  • Password protected parameters including Alarm set points
  • Settable On time , Off time , Trigger or Cyclic or continuous mode for pump
  • Settable Offset , Hysteresis for Alarm
  • Digital Display of Gas concentration with 4 to 20mA DC & 0-1 VDC isolated recorder outputs.

Applications of Trace Oxygen Analyzer:-

  • Oxygen deficiency Prevention
  • Package boiler combustion control, gas fired
  • Air/ inert / noble Gases
  • Combustion air O2 enrichment
  • Cryogenics
  • Controlled Gas Environment
  • Glove boxes
  • Flue gas analysis
  • Food and Beverages
  • High purity gas manufacturer

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