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Portable Gas Detectors

Ambetronics’ Portable Gas Detectors are also known as Handheld Gas Detectors or Pocket Gas Detectors, because of the feasibility of being able to carry them in the pockets or hands by the operating Engineers for checking leakages at different locations at their site. These rechargeable battery operated devices, are widely required in areas where direct human exposure can be unsafe due to the hazardous nature of gases like effluent tanks or furnace or reactor vessels where the levels of gases are checked for safe ranges before a person is allowed to enter inside for maintenance. They are also required in places where the expected area of leakages or pipeline joints are not easily reachable for detection through fixed gas detectors.

Portable Gas Detector PG-100-series
Portable Oxygen Gas Detectors
Portable Carbon Dioxide Gas Detector PG-100-CO2
Portable Hydrogen Sulphide Gas Detector PG-100-H2S
Portable Ethylene Gas Detector PG-100-C2H4
Portable Dual Channel Gas Detector PG-200
Portable Multi Gas Detector PG-400
Portable Multi Gas Detector PG-800
Portable Biogas Analysers with Pelican type enclosures.
Portable Biogas Analyzers with handheld or pocket type enclosures

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