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Range of  our Internet-Of-Things – IoT Devices:-

Wireless Gas Detectors with Local Receiver Unit:-

New Launch
Latest Upgraded Technologies.

Wireless Gas Detector with flameproof enclosure - WGD-100-FLP
Wireless Gas Detector with flameproof enclosure - WGD-100-FLP
Wireless Gas Detector with weatherproof enclosure - WGD-100-FLP
Wireless Gas Detector with weatherproof enclosure - WGD-100-WP


The Wireless Gas Detectors WGD-100-Series along with the local receiver unit called as Wireless Control Unit WCU-100, are one of the recent technologically upgraded products which work through GSM/GPRS systems and can easily interface with Oxygen, Methane, Combustible & Toxic gas sensors.

They eliminate the use of physical cables that were required for signal transfer between the conventional detectors & multi-channel monitors.

The wireless data communication features integrated within these devices, use the constantly evolving technologies related to the Internet of Things – IoT category.

These devices can be easily operated using a Battery supply or through Solar Panel supply or 24VDC SMPS or 5V, 2A Adapter from AC mains.

Basic Features  & Applications:-

Parameters highlighted by these devices are –

  • Battery percentage,
  • Status of the device,
  • Fault condition,
  • GSM network status,
  • Sensor reading.
  • They are easy to use and work efficiently.
  • Suitable for use in Hazardous Locations.
  • Protection Class- IP-66 for Gas Gr. IIC  & CMRI Approved.

Technical Specifications of  WGD-100-series:-

Sensor Technology : Electrochemical – Sensor Life – 2 Years
NDIR technology – Sensor Life – 8 Years
Accuracy : ±5% of full scale
Response time : < 30 Secs
Range & Resolution :
Gas: ND5 Methane (CH ); Range: 100 % LEL; Resolution: 1;
Gas: ND6 Methane (CH ); Range: 5 % V/V Resolution 0.1;
Gas: ND7 Methane (CH ); Range: 100 % V/V Resolution 1;
Gas: Oxygen (O ); Range: 25 % V/V; Resolution: 0.01;

LCD display : 128 x 64 pixel Graphical display
Modes : SMS
Alarms : 2 settable alarms, sensor fault, open, over.
Healthy Alerts : Daily fixed time notification for status alerts
Details : Battery status, sensor fault and alarm status
Modem : 2G/4G network compatible
Antenna : upto 2db

Temperature Range : -20°C to 50°C
Relative Humidity : 10-90% RH, Non-Condensing.

Normal Mode : Up to 20mW during detection.
During Data transmission : Up to 5W.

Protection class : IP-65 for GAS Gr. IIC CMRI Approved.
Cabinet Material : Cast Aluminium, LM-6.
Cable Entry : Double Compression Cable Gland (Ex-Proof) M20 x 1.5P.
Mounting : Wall Mounting / Stand Mounting / Pipe Mounting.

Dimension :
215mm (W) x 190mm (H) x 125mm(D) (with one gland);
261mm (W) x 190mm (H) x125mm (D) (with two glands);
Weight :
i) Display GSM unit : Approx 2.6 kg
ii) Battery pack unit : Approx 5 kg

i)   24VDC SMPS
ii)  5V, 2A Adapter
iii)  3.7V Rechargeable, Li-ion battery
iv)  Solar Powered Panel.

Battery Powered Wireless Gas Detector WGD-100-FLP
Solar Powered Wireless Gas Detector WGD-100

Local Receiver Unit or Wireless Control Unit:-


Universal Wireless Control Unit WCU-100


The WCU-100 series Wireless Control Unit works like a Universal Receiver for all our wireless Detectors and Indicators and can support upto 100 number of detectors. These units network through 2G / 4G compatible modems and display the values of last synched device details, time, GSM status & RTC.

They can be placed in the Central Monitoring Room or Security Room for remote supervising of the wirelessly connected detectors or indicators.

Technical Specifications of  WCU-100:-

LCD display : 128 x 64 pixel Graphical display
Status : Healthy LED, Fault LED for Network indication (SIM fail etc.) last synchronized device Serial No. & time
No. of detectors : upto 100 Nos. supported.
Message storage capacity : upto 100 Nos. (in failure of Modbus communication)

Temperature Range : -20°C to 50°C
Relative Humidity : 10-90% RH, Non-Condensing

Protection class : IP-65
Cabinet Material : Polycarbonate, grey colour
Cable Entry : Thermoplastic cable gland (IP 68)
Dimension : 160mm (H) x 240mm (W) x 90mm (D)
Mounting : Wall Mounting / Stand Mounting / Pipe Mounting
Weight : Approx 600 grams

i) 230VAC
ii) 24VDC
iii) 5V, 2A SMPS Adaptor
iv) Solar System

Modem : 2G/4G compatible modem
Antenna : upto 2db

ii) RS-485
ii) RS-232
iii) Ethernet Port

1) Modbus RTU
2) Modbus over TCP/IP
3) Modbus TCP/IP

ii)  PLC
ii)  SCADA
iii) PC Software
iv) Any Modbus Master.


Basically, these devices can be used for all those similar applications where the conventional cabled Gas detector systems were being used. But, extensively, these devices are required in areas where use of cables is inconvenient due to proximity i.e. the detectors and monitoring control units are placed far away or on different floors or where the detectors are placed in confined hazardous areas. Hence, these devices find theirs usage in most of the applications of the following industries.

  • Refineries & Petrochemical plant including offshore drilling and plant shutdowns
  • Bullet yards or Tank farms
  • Steel mills
  • Pulp & Paper Industry
  • Personal Monitoring
  • Gas Pipelines
  • Incoming Cylinder inspection
  • Emergency response
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Pre-entry check quality control 
  • Process or emission gas analysis

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