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Range of  our Internet-Of-Things – IoT Devices:-

Wireless Gas Detectors with Wireless Control Unit:

Battery Powered Wireless Gas Detector - WGD2MSB-FLP
Battery Powered Wireless Gas Detector - WGD2MSB-FLP
Wireless Gas Detector with Hooter WGD2MSP-FLP
Wireless Gas Detector with Hooter WGD2MSP-FLP

Description of Wireless Gas Detectors:

The WGD-Series Wireless Gas Detector is a complete stand-alone system with integrated battery. These WGD-series along with the Local Receiver Unit SIG2RCV, are one of the recent technologically upgraded products which work on GSM/GPRS systems and can easily interface with Oxygen, Methane, Combustible & Toxic gas sensors.

They eliminate the use of physical cables that were required for signal / data transfer between the conventional detectors & multi-channel monitors.

Highlighted Features of WGD-series device are: Battery and Solar powered, Cloud connectivity, Cloud based data storage, SMS and Email alert / notification.
These wireless data communication features integrated within these devices, use the constantly evolving technologies related to the Internet of Things – IoT category.

Basic Features & Applications of Wireless Gas Detectors:

  • 1+ year battery life (1 Transmission / Day)
  • Internal Lithium battery or Solar powered option
  • Suitable for use in remote & hazardous locations
  • 2G GSM/GPRS Global Transmission
  • Redundancy system with auto service provider or network switching in case of network failure
  • Transmits Gas reading, Battery status & alert status to 2 wireless central units and 10 users
  • Low, High configuration Alarms with SMS and Email alerts
  • Wireless remote central unit which is also called as local receiver unit for relay operations and data collection over MODBUS
  • User programmable sensor locations
  • Continuous Gas Monitoring with no sleep mode
  • Graphical LCD with backlight
  • Display sensor reading, Alarm status and battery level
  • Password protected Display function menu
  • User friendly multifunctional keypad & GLCD display for easy Man-Machine interface
  • Front LED indicators for: Device status, Alarm Status, Communication, Network Status.

Technical Specifications of  WGD-series:


  • LCD display : 128 x 64 pixel Graphical display
  • Keys: 3 Keys (SHIFT Key, SET Key, INCR Key)
  • LEDs: 4 LED Indications (Health LED, Alert LED, Communication LED, Network LED)


  • Sensor Technology : NDIR technology – Sensor Life – 8 Years
  • Response time : < 30 Secs;

Range & Resolution:

  • Gas: Methane (CH4 ); Range: 100 % LEL; Resolution: 1


  • Modes : SMS / MQTT* / TCP-IP*
  • Alarms : 2 settable alarms, sensor fault, open, over
  • Healthy Alerts : Daily multiple SMS notification of device status
  • Details : Battery status, sensor fault and alarm status.


  • Modem :
    2G GSM/GPRS (Optional 3G/LTE) Global Transmission;
    Dual SIM card.
  • Antenna :
    upto 3.0 dBi;
    Internal / External (in low network area).


  • Normal Mode:
    1.  Upto 10mW during detection (WGD2MSB)
    2.  Upto 288mW during detection (WGD2MSP)
  • During Data Transmission:
    1.  Upto 300mW (WGD2MSB)
    2. Upto 2W (WGD2MSP)
  • Power Supply:
    1.   7.4V rechargeable battery;
    2.  6 – 24V DC input;
    3.  Solar System.


  • Temperature Range : -10°C to 50°C
  • Relative Humidity : 10% – 90% RH, Non-Condensing.


  • Protection class : IP-66 for GAS Gr. IIC CMRI Approved
  • Cabinet Material : Cast Aluminium, LM-6
  • Mounting : Wall Mounting / Stand Mounting / Pipe Mounting
  • Dimension :
    • 247mm (W) x 213mm (H) x 120mm (D) – FLP
    • 666mm (W) x 366mm (H) x 25mm (D) – Solar
    • Weight : Approx. 4.9Kg – FLP.
Solar Powered Wireless Gas Detector WGD2MSS-FLP
Solar Powered Wireless Gas Detector WGD2MSS-WP

Applications of WGD-series Wireless Gas Detectors:

 *  Application of the above System will differ according to the Customer requirement at site.

Typically, these wireless gas detectors find their use in the following applications / industries with ever widening scope:

  • Refineries & Petrochemical plant including offshore drilling and plant shutdowns,
  • Waste Water Treatment plants,
  • Sewage Plants,
  • Bullet yards or Tank farms,
  • Leak in Gas Pipelines,
  • Fire & Security Panels,
  • Emergency response to off-site leak detection,
  • Process or Emission Gas Analysis,
  • Coal Mines,
  • Heat Treatment Plants,
  • Access Control,
  • Pulp & Paper Industry,
  • Personal Monitoring.

Wireless Control Unit:



The SIG2RCV series wireless local receiver unit provides reliable and highly scalable solution for IoT deployment. The SIG gateway is versatile device which reads the MODBUS memory map of any RS-485 MODBUS protocol device and sends data to the cloud server. The data stored can be viewed as per customer requirement on dashboard. SIG is an ideal solution for online monitoring of RS-485 MODBUS data.

SIG mainly consist of GSM module and microcontroller based control circuit.

SIG supports generic MODBUS RTU, MODBUS TCP/IP and MODBUS over TCP/IP Protocols for data acquisition and uses MQTT protocol to communicate with IT application database on cloud. Multiple slave devices can be configured to SIG. It remotely monitor all industrial sensor data to the cloud server.

They can be placed in the Central Monitoring Room or Security Room for remote supervision of the wirelessly connected detectors, transmitters or indicators.

Technical Specifications:


  • Nodes : 48 Nodes Compatible with GSM;  70 Nodes Compatible without GSM
  • Configuration : AEPL-IoT PC Software
  • Operating Mode : Programming and Applications
  • Security : Password protected configuration.


  • Quad-Band : 850/900/1800/1900MHz
  • Antenna : 3dbi
  • SIM Slot : 2
  • Connector : SMA Female
  • Output Power : 2W @ 850/900MHz;  1W @ 1800/1900MHz


  • Display : 128 x 64 GLCD
  • Healthy : Blue / Red
  • AL1/AL2 : Blue / Red
  • MODBUS Communication : Blue / Red
  • Network : Blue


  • Interface mode : 3 x RS485 ( RS-232 /Ethernet optional )
  • Supported Baud Rates : 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, 115200 (Programmable)
  • Parity : None, Odd, Even (Programmable)
  • Stop Bits : 1, 2 (Programmable)
  • Protocol Supported : MODBUS RTU, MODBUS TCP/IP and MODBUS over TCP/IP
  • Connector: 3 pin terminal block (DB9/RJ45 Optional ).


  • Data Format : CSV
  • Memory-1 : 32,000 – Records for Pen-drive
  • Memory -2 : 65,000 – Records for Network failure.


  • SMS : 10 Mobile Numbers
  • E-mail : 5 E-mail addresses
  • Buzzer : Beep Sound
  • Relay : 4 DPDT Relays


  • Protocols : MQTT (TCP/IP optional)
  • Data Format : JSON
  • Transmission : Log/Transparent
  • Data Interval : 60 to 999 seconds


  • Operating Voltage : 7-24V DC
  • Reverse Power Protection : Available
  • Overload Protection : Available
  • Power Input : Terminal Block / Power Adaptor


  • Temperature Range : -10° C to 50° C
  • Relative Humidity : 10% to 90% RH, Non- Condensing


  • Protection class : IP-65
  • Cabinet Material : Polycarbonate, White color
  • Cable Entry : Thermoplastic cable gland (IP 68)
  • Dimension : 271mm (H) x 170mm (W) x 60mm (D)
  • Mounting : Wall Mounting / Stand Mounting / Pipe Mounting
  • Weight: Approx. 1 kg.


Basically, these devices can be used for all those similar applications where the conventional cabled Gas detector systems were being used. But, extensively, these devices are required in areas where use of cables is inconvenient due to proximity i.e. the detectors and the Wireless Central Monitoring Units are placed far away or on different floors or where the detectors are placed in confined hazardous areas. Hence, these devices find theirs usage in most of the applications of the following industries.

  • Refineries & Petrochemical plant including offshore drilling and plant shutdowns
  • Bullet yards or Tank farms
  • Steel mills
  • Pulp & Paper Industry
  • Personal Monitoring
  • Gas Pipelines
  • Incoming Cylinder inspection
  • Emergency response
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Pre-entry check quality control 
  • Process or emission gas analysis
Application of Wireless Detection Systems

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