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Range of Portable Gas Detectors:-

Portable Gas Detector PG-100 series:-

Newly Launched
Latest Upgraded Technologies.

Portable Gas Detector PG-100-series

Description about Portable Single Gas Detectors:-

These Portable Gas Detectors can detect smallest leak of Oxygen, Toxic, combustible or VOC type gases with display of gas concentrations on LCD display.

These detectors have the feature of easy handling and programming with 3 keys and power supply with rechargeable batteries and on/ off option. They have password protected function menu, plug-in sensor and built-in audio buzzer. These Portable Gas Detectors also have optional data logging facility with 50000 records which are visible in ASCII format while downloading to PC via USB interface.

Salient features of PG-100: series-

• Portable gas leak detector detects smallest leak on service line and joints
• Digital display of Gas Concentration on the LCD display with backlight
• Plug-in Sensor provides a full year of warranted protection against hazardous gases
• Gas concentration display in %V/V or %LEL or PPM
• Two setpoints ( ) configurable TWA STEL alarm AL1, AL2 as High / Low with buzzer & vibrator alerts & LED indications
• Optional data logging facility with 50000 records & visible in ASCII format while downloading to PC via USB interface

• Battery status indication on the LCD display with battery charging LED indication and BAT low indication with Buzzer.
• Over / Open Indication
• Password protected function menu
• Power supply with rechargeable battery
• Small, compact and light-weight
• Toxic sensor test option.
• Calibration due indication and alert
• Ambient monitoring
• Software calibration totally by using front keys

Applications of Portable Gas Detectors:-

  • Refineries & Petrochemical plant including offshore drilling and plant shutdowns
  • Waste water treatment plants
  • Steel mills
  • Pulp & Paper Industry
  • Personal Monitoring
  • Leak Detection
  • Incoming Cylinder inspection
  • Emergency response
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Pre-entry check quality control 
  • Process or emission gas analysis


Ambetronics Engineers Pvt Ltd is the manufacturer of these Portable Type Gas Detectors.  We supply a wide range of items like process control instruments, temperature controller, data logger, leak detection system and fire and gas alarm systems, gas sensors, high speed data logger, portable and online gas detection systems, temperature / RH indicator, transmitter and controller, scanners and data loggers, loop power indicators, time/ flow totalizers, timers, counters, rpm indicators.

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