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Our Range of  Internet-Of-Things related IoT Devices:

RS-485 to MQTT Converter – SIM2G485:-

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RS485 to MQTT converter (Smart IoT Module) - Data Converter

Description of MQTT Converter:-

  • The SIM Iot Module is a type of RS485 to MQTT converter. These Data Converters or the  SIM IoT Gateways stream sensor data to cloud-hosted software platform of Ambetronics.
  • Highly scalable offers, unlimited sensor data storage, powerful analytics and search, real-time visibility and alerts, and intuitive dashboards;
  • Remotely monitor industrial sensors, from pressure to temperature, tank levels, flow, and gas levels.
  • SIM operates effectively as a stand-alone industrial monitoring solution.

The cloud-based remote monitoring feature of this module puts it into the category of IoT devices with the developmental trends of integrations with the fast growing Internet of things technologies.

Salient features of MQTT Converter:-

• Low Power consumption;
• RTC Battery-powered Real Time Clock (RTC);
• Watchdog function ensures hardware operation control of selected services;
• Effective file system used for FLASH memory up to 100,000 records saved for protection against network failure.
• Ease of installation due to disconnectable screw terminals.

• Software based programming for ease of use and faster setting up;
• Multiple slave devices can be configured to the same Gateway;
• Buzzer for fault detection or connection issues;
• Compact durable housing made of ABS Plastic;
• Optimised for areas with weak cellular connectivity;
• Quad Band 2G cellular technology;
• WIFI (SIMWF485) connectivity.

Technical Specifications of MQTT Converter:-

• Cellular 2G
• Bands GSM/GPRS/EDGE Quad band 850 MHZ/
900 MHz/1800 MHz/1900 MHz

• Protocol – 802.11 b/g/n.
• Frequency 2.4GHz

• Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0
• Range 10 Meter

Data sending interval 1-120 min
Mode : 2-Modes (Application Mode and Programming Mode)
MODBUS Protocol : MODBUS RTU (MODBUS TCP-IP-Using ERS-485 Convertor)

• Monitor temperature, humidity, Oxygen, Methane & Toxic gas sensors.
• Data Transmission and Storage;
• Real-time connectivity Streams sensor data to the Ambetronics Cloud in real time;
• Built-in storage for offline logging Sensor data stored in built-in flash memory when Internet connectivity is unavailable

• Extended Operating Temp:   -20° to 50° C .
• Extended Storage Temp:   -20° to 60° C .

• Dimensions: 120 mm x 80 mm x 55 mm
• Weight: 270g

• Input : 5V / 2A via DC Adaptor.
• Power Consumption = 1W Approx.

Applications of MQTT Converter:-:-

• Fire and Security Panels
• Vending Machines
• Remote equipment management
• Access Control

• Industrial Control
• Home Automation
• Instrumentation
• Power Management


Ambetronics Engineers Pvt Ltd is the manufacturer of these Internet-of-things IoT devices.  We supply a wide range of items like process control instruments, temperature controller, data logger, clean room monitoring equipment, air quality monitoring equipment, leak detection system and fire and gas alarm systems, gas sensors, high speed data logger, portable and online gas detection systems, temperature / RH indicator, transmitter and controller, scanners and data loggers, loop power indicators.

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