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Fixed Gas Detectors

The Fixed Gas Detectors or online gas transmitters are non-movable type of devices fixed in the hazardous areas for detection of gas leakages. The type of in-built gas sensors used within these instruments are electro-chemical sensors, catalytic pellister bead sensors, NDIR sensors or photo-ionization detection (PID) sensors, which can be customized as per the detection range and applications at site. Few examples of type of gases detected are Oxygen, Toxic group of gases, Combustible group of gases, carbon dixoide, SF6, Volatile organic compounds group, etc. Ambetronics offers these instruments as both 2-wire loop powered devices and as 3-wire gas transmitters. They are available in either weatherproof or flameproof type of enclosures depending upon the gas & site conditions.

Plugin type PNG / LPG Gas Leak Detects for Commercial & Industrial Kitchens.
Addressable PNG / LPG Gas Leakage Detectors for Commercial & Industrial Kitchens.
Smart Gas Transmitter- GT-2500-FLP with Hooter & blue enclosure.
Flameproof Gas Detector with Hooter cum flasher
Flameproof Gas Detector
Flameproof PID VOC Detector
Smart Gas Transmitter- GT-2511-FLP-IR CO2 with CMRI tested flameproof enclosure

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